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Cover Reveal & Extract for A TIME OF DREAD by John Gwynne

Fantasy-Faction reveal the cover for A TIME OF DREAD by John Gwynne, scheduled for release by Tor Books in 2018. Source: Cover Reveal & Extract for A TIME OF DREAD by John Gwynne

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White, Part One

White. Like the sun on a hot day, blinding you for even looking at it for the briefest of moments. It left a searing pain in the base of my eye sockets, as if I’d drunk myself into oblivion the... Continue Reading →

Hello again, again, again

Like many times before I took an unexpected break form blogging, I doubt there were many crying from the lack of content I have posted out into the big ol' internet. I don't really have a reason this time, not... Continue Reading →

Well done Christopher Nolan

I've seen Dunkirk twice, the first time I couldn't look away, the second time I was constantly waiting for every gunshot, explosion and surprise. The constant, unrelenting tenseness of this film is stunning and I left the cinema both times... Continue Reading →

Fantasy, Sci-Fi and horror bloggers group

Dark Mondays

As the title says I’ll be making a special group for bloggers on Facebook so we can discuss,learn and help each other in our blogging life. I still need to come up with a name any suggestions are welcome.Want to join send me an email at or contact me through Facebook. The group will be up some time next week



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Books I Never Finis…

I apologise for the break, I've been working on some things that don't need mentioning. Anyway! This is a post on books I never finished, the first: George R R Martins a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a prequel... Continue Reading →

Review: Faithless

Author: Graham Austin-King Pages: 396 Written whilst: drinking San Miguel and listening to Greetings from Asbury Park ( Have you ever been handed a book, with zero knowledge of whats inside, having never heard of the author or no idea... Continue Reading →

The Wayward Wanderer’s Guide to Fantasyland

This was a series of posts I envisaged before my accident, a look at the population of a stereotypical fantasy world dubbed, Fantasyland. So as a continuation of that project, here is part two. Horses Above peasants? Not in the... Continue Reading →


“They’re calling it the first civilised war, the papers that is.” “Civilised,” Adrian let out a bark of laughter “evidently no journalists fought in this war.” “Hmm” Torrid hummed as he scratched at the stump of his leg, the slight... Continue Reading →

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