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Cover Reveal & Extract for A TIME OF DREAD by John Gwynne

Fantasy-Faction reveal the cover for A TIME OF DREAD by John Gwynne, scheduled for release by Tor Books in 2018. Source: Cover Reveal & Extract for A TIME OF DREAD by John Gwynne

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Well done Christopher Nolan

I've seen Dunkirk twice, the first time I couldn't look away, the second time I was constantly waiting for every gunshot, explosion and surprise. The constant, unrelenting tenseness of this film is stunning and I left the cinema both times... Continue Reading →

Fantasy, Sci-Fi and horror bloggers group

Dark Mondays

As the title says I’ll be making a special group for bloggers on Facebook so we can discuss,learn and help each other in our blogging life. I still need to come up with a name any suggestions are welcome.Want to join send me an email at or contact me through Facebook. The group will be up some time next week



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Books I Never Finis…

I apologise for the break, I've been working on some things that don't need mentioning. Anyway! This is a post on books I never finished, the first: George R R Martins a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a prequel... Continue Reading →

Review: Faithless

Author: Graham Austin-King Pages: 396 Written whilst: drinking San Miguel and listening to Greetings from Asbury Park ( Have you ever been handed a book, with zero knowledge of whats inside, having never heard of the author or no idea... Continue Reading →

The Wayward Wanderer’s Guide to Fantasyland

This was a series of posts I envisaged before my accident, a look at the population of a stereotypical fantasy world dubbed, Fantasyland. So as a continuation of that project, here is part two. Horses Above peasants? Not in the... Continue Reading →


“They’re calling it the first civilised war, the papers that is.” “Civilised,” Adrian let out a bark of laughter “evidently no journalists fought in this war.” “Hmm” Torrid hummed as he scratched at the stump of his leg, the slight... Continue Reading →

Review: Aurora

Do you ever read a book and marvel at how well its written, how well its researched and just how eloquently the story works? But then absolutely hate the characters? I so want to love Aurora, I really do... But... Continue Reading →

Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player One, holy god do I love this book! It's like this book was written for the sheer hell of making nerds like myself smile like idiots. Ready Player One is the story of Wade Watts, and yes he... Continue Reading →

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