Are you comfortable? I hope so, I’m just that kind of guy.

So I should probably outline who I am and why I’m writing a blog. So first things first my name is Sam, I’m from England and it’s probably fair enough to say I’m obsessed with dogs. That’s all you need to know basically.

My reason for writing a blog is the need to share my opinions on things that the people around me don’t appreciate. I should probably say that this isn’t my first attempt at blogging. Earlier this year I attempted blogging on a site called, that site is no longer active. the reason I took it down for two reasons. The first being that with the college course I was on at the time left me no space to do what I wanted. Secondly was that I pinned myself into a corner. I used it as a platform to solely blog about books that I read. The problem with that is that by no stretch of the imagination am I a fast reader.

So to avoid that second problem again I’ve decided that I won’t just talk about books. I’ll blog about lots of things. Opinion pieces, book/TV/movie reviews, music and perhaps whats going on in the world. I hope that anyone reading this will stick around and let me ramble without fear of watching them drop dead.

Thank you