My interests in books lean heavily on the fantasy genre. I rarely read anything outside of fantasy, on the rare occasion I do its either history or sci-fi that I read. So this will hopefully be the first of many reviews on here, enjoy!

A Natural History of Dragons follows the early life of Isabella. A young woman who sets out early in life to protest against the stiff social boundaries that her Victorian like world supports. The first few pages document how, as the only daughter of a wealthy family, she defies her traditionalist mother and preserves a Sparkling in vinegar. A Sparkling being a minute species of dragon. This rebellion against social boundaries takes full flight later on.


The book is written in the style of a memoir, often with the elderly Isabella interjecting the story with her feelings on subjects later in life. And the character of Isabella never wavers from the prose that is suitable to the period her world is set upon. Never breaking the immersion of the story, meaning that even a slower reader such as myself found it easy to finish the book quickly.

The story will pull you along in Isabella’s early life so that you know her every thought and feeling. The idea that you genuinely know the character is astounding and something I hope is repeated in the later instalments.

I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is just beginning to read fantasy or who has been doing so for a long time.

Thanks for reading.