Time and Time Again (TTA) by Ben Elton is perhaps one of the greatest sci-fi books I’ve ever read, and this is why.

To start off with I should explain that Elton is perhaps one of my favourite human beings out there, even before I read this book. The reason being is that he wrote for Blackadder, specifically Blackadder II, Blackadder the Third and Blackadder goes Fourth. Blackadder (how many times can I use that in a paragraph?) is one of my favourite comedy’s ever written.


With that out of the way I should probably move onto TTA. The book follows ex-SAS soldier Hugh Stanton, a brilliant soldier and semi famous adventurer. Stanton is called to spend Christmas with his old university lecturer who drags him into the important mission in history.

Stanton is sent back in time months before the outbreak of WWI, his mission to stop it. His every move dictates how the future unfolds, something that will haunt him.

Hope you enjoyed