This is a subject that hits close to home for me. My cousin whose perhaps one of the sweetest eleven year old boys out there is deaf and because of this needs help with his education.

Thankfully at the age of five he received life changing surgery to allow him to hear via implants that are magnetically attached to his skull. Four years ago at the age of seven it became apparent that although the implants allowed him to hear the environment he was in at school was significantly detrimental. I don’t want to degrade his teachers or those that tried to help him, they were just out of their depth.

Once again fate smiled on the little man and Cambridgeshire County Council got in touch and offered him a place in a special deaf school. At the time he could only speak a handful of words and only my aunt could truly understand him. Now, four years later, he can speak with a wider vocabulary than most sixteen year old boys. He’s Minecraft fan whose creations are truly amazing and a big fan of the Narnia Chronicles.

My point to this story is that institutions like the one that has benefited him so greatly wouldn’t be able to survive without public support. School’s all across the UK and I expect any other country could not survive without public support. Not just for deaf children, but those who are all in need.

That’s why I’m asking anyone who reads this to sign up to and sign this petition.

Thank you greatly