I read a lot last year, I dedicated so much more time to reading than I have in previous years. I spent bus journeys to college reading, the gaps between lessons reading, my time at home reading. To say I got through a lot of books would be an understatement. Some of them were amazing, others weren’t.

So this is a list of my favourite books and series that I read in 2016:

The Faithful and the Fallen by John Gwynne


I got Malice for Christmas 2015 and didn’t start it till February. What started off as a cliche coming of age story about some little shit of a kid. Became a sprawling fantasy epic about characters who genuinely had me invested in their little fictional lives. I love this series to bits, I ordered Wrath, signed by Gwynne, and waited impatiently for a week for it to arrive. Unlike the grimdark fantasy that I usually go for above all else, Malice, Valour, Ruin and Wrath gave me a great surprise.

Assassins Quest


Assassins Quest is the final installment in the Farseer Trilogy crafted by the master fantasy author Robin Hobb. I started the Farseer Trilogy in 2014 whilst doing work experience at a school. In the class which I was in an eleven year old boy who had just started reading fantasy said that his dad had read Assassins Apprentice. With such a great recommendation I went and bought a copy from Waterstones. I didn’t realise whilst reading it that I was truly in the head of FitzChivalry. Only at the end of the Farseer trilogy did I realise how invested I was with Fitz.

The Death at Dulgath


Michael J Sullivan is another author who I wouldn’t have usually gravitated towards. I’m thankful that I did. For those that haven’t read his work, I recommend starting with the Crown Tower. The Death at Dulgath follows Sullivans protagonists from his other novels, Hadrian Blackwater and Royce Melborn. Two of the most fleshed out and humorous characters out there.

The Powder Mage Trilogy


One of the books that I put on my post about wanting to find under the Christmas tree came true. The Autumn Republic! The Powder Mage trilogy was the best set of books I read in 2016 out of a big list of potentials. The premise of the novels is brilliant. Magically enhanced sharpshooters, magic on a massive scale and a world based upon industrial Europe. I can’t say anything bad about these books. I stayed awake till four in the morning on the 30th to finish the Autumn Republic, just say I could finish the trilogy within the year.

These are the best books I read last year. I read a lot books that I still liked but didn’t make the list of the best. Some I just didn’t like and will be making a post next week on books I didn’t enjoy last year.

Happy New year