As lore goes a Song of Ice and Fire (aSoIaF) by George.R.R.Martin is perhaps one of the most fleshed out. I’ve talked before about the geographical brilliance of the map of Westeros now I want to talk about the book that outlines the world.

I received a copy of this book in the Christmas of 2015, in the February of 2016 it was ripped apart in an unprovoked attack from a labrador. But today I received a late birthday present, A World of Ice and Fire. A fleshed out lore is one of my favourite things in fantasy, it makes a world lived in and gives the characters depth for their personalities and thought processes. But what I love most of this book is the artwork.

Smurf, the guilty dog (After having assaulted a bag of flour)

For example:


The depiction of Dragon Stone, former home of the last Targaryen’s and home to Stannis Baratheon. The image here is printed in the front cover of the book, as soon as you open it the fearsome statues that adorn the walls and buildings of the castle are there to see in all their majesty. Whereas in the show where such decoration is ignored I love this gothic style adopted in the image and which is present in descriptions throughout aSoIaF.


A scene we shall never see in the show or the novels is the building of the wall. I love the idea of the Giants, Humans and Children of the Forest coming together after the Long Night to build the wall. A unified front against the greatest danger of their world. Also I find so much more credence in the idea that the giants helped build the wall than it is insinuated in the show that they had little to do with it.


And then theres Winterfell. A true fortified palace suited for the Kings of the North, plus I just love that design. The towering portcullis flanked by two towers, the secondary curtain wall behind it and then the towers of Winterfell rising solidly from behind them. These massive structures that show the true might of the North, plus the town surrounding the walls makes for a true capital compared to the castle in the show.

I implore anyone who has read the books to go out and buy this book. It needs to be seen by every fan.