Whilst I type this I’m listening to Lies of Locke Lamora, the first book I reviewed on this site I believe, I absolutely love it. The book I’ll be reviewing today, Promise of Blood, is another book that I love. I read it on the heels of a Natural History of Dragons, properly enhancing the experience as my mind was stuck in the relatively same time period that the books share.

The first book in the Powder Mage trilogy is absolutely outstanding, and they only get better. Set in the country of Adro (see my post on maps) Promise of Blood is the story of Field Marshal Tamas, a disciplined and skilled military officer of the Royal Army of Adro. Unfortunately for his career in the Royal Army he has just attempted a coup, and succeeded. As he and his men slaughter the Royal Cabal, the Kings mages, each screams of ‘Kresimir’s Promise’. Tamas finds himself attracted to knowing the sinister message so enlists Adamat, a man with a magically enhanced, memory to solve the mystery for him.

As the days after the coup draw out Tamas’ only son the famous Taniel Two-Shot returns from his tour in a far off land. His father brings him into the fold of the new government, to hunt down the remaining members of the Royal Cabal.

Whilst this sounds like a retelling of French history, bringing flash backs of Mrs Rahm shouting at why I didn’t know who Marie Antoinette. You must bare in mind that Tamas and Taniel are member of an elite corps of soldiers, Powder Mages. Men and women who can use gunpowder to enhance their skills and senses. Whilst being able to guide bullets over long distances, explode powder at a distance and fire around corners. They’re also amazingly bad ass.

Promise of Blood is a tense and dramatic novel that will draw you in immediately, kicking and screaming to be treated to fine wine and gourmet food for the mind. Gods who walk the streets, magically enhanced humans and brutally brilliantly fights will set your mind afire.