The Tropic of Serpents by Marie Brennan, the second book in the Memoirs of Lady Trent series is another brilliant book.

Possible spoilers for a Natural History of Dragons

Two reviews in one night? What is this madness? It’s in the name of the blog so please forgive me. Also I may have forgotten to press the ‘Publish’ button when I did my last review two nights ago… Oops.

So I finished this book last night, three in the morning technically, and was so happy with what I had read. Isabella Trent ignites the boundless curiosity present in the real life men and women her character is based off, for example David Livingstone.  The language very rarely strays from that context either, using the vocabulary and terminology of the Victorian era.


Lady Trent swaps out the cold mountains of Vystrana for the depths of the jungles of the Green Hell in this adventure. Along with Mr. Wilker and Natalie Oscott she finds herself on a new continent surrounded by elephants, kings, hunters, lions and dragons. The environment obviously is taken straight from the Savannah’s of Africa and the Amazon Rain forest, not that that’s a bad thing. These two settings are very rarely explored in fantasy and because of that is extremely satisfying.

The dragons of course take centre stage, swapped out are the stereotypical dragons of the cold mountains. Here are the swamp dwelling dragons of the Green hell, an environment as deadly as the name suggest, not only because of the obvious dragon problem. Malaria, yellow fever, pygmy hippos and Zulu like warriors threaten the continued breathing of Isabella and her fellow protagonists.