I’ve been told that I am the bane of all science teachers, for being too curious, I’ve also had this said about me in English and Philosophy.

Anytime one of my physics teachers in secondary school set out to explain something in a lesson I had to write down every question that popped into my head. For if I put my hand up and asked said question my teachers would never get anything done. Questions such as, ‘If a photon is a solid light particle does that mean we can make light sabers?’ or ‘What’s faster light or the Millennium Falcon… Or the USS Enterprise… Or the Tardis’.  It’s probably fair to say they hated me. Thankfully they never told me to shut up, I would have in their shoes, even when it came to me asking about using thermonuclear  weapons on the surface of Mars to make it habitable.

Later as I delve deep into the bowels of YouTube in order to sate my need for scientific knowledge I found dozens of channels offering up explanations. Such as Vsauce:

A channel dedicated to weird and wonderful scientific questions blew me away. I’ve survived on videos like this for quite some time. But now that I’m in college, second attempt, I spend vast amounts of time sat by myself furiously throwing words into a word document. In hope that I can appease my tutors and not face their wrath. I find that I can’t sit and watch scientific documents in one tab whilst writing about police powers in another. So I found a podcast, and dear God do I love it.

The Infinite Monkey Cage is a Radio Four (BBC Radio Four) show presented by Brian Cox and Robin Ince. Doing much the same as YouTube channels dedicated to random scientific questions but I get to listen to Brian Cox’s silky smooth voice. For those that don’t know who Brian Cox is he’s a physicist from England who divides the countries opinion like few other people (like some former Prime Ministers). Some hate him and some, like myself, love him. It’s like Marmite, but that’s another wholly British problem that the rest of the world shouldn’t get involved in.


Brian and Robin are joined experts from whatever field they’re discussing along with comedians such as Joe Brand and Rufus Hound (used to have a Labrador called Rufus, always get reminded about him). Adding to the hilarity of trying to decide when a strawberry is truly dead or if AI should have genitals are the opinions of the ordinary person, who nine times out of ten has no idea what’s going on.

I recommend series 11 ‘Fierce Creatures’ all about the big (and small) killing machines that inhabit our little slice of the cosmos. You will laugh at the brilliant stories related throughout the Infinite Monkey Cage. Such as eating mammoth meat and of telling Stephen Hawking he’s an idiot for not letting us talk to ET.

Please go and listen, I’m so badly addicted to it by this point that I will most likely lose my sanity when I’ve listened to every episode. What little there is left of course…