Ready Player One, holy god do I love this book! It’s like this book was written for the sheer hell of making nerds like myself smile like idiots.

Ready Player One is the story of Wade Watts, and yes he sounds like a superheroes secret identity, that’s the point, and his video game addiction. His addiction is to the virtual reality system named OASIS. Through a set of VR glasses and gloves he can control his character Parzival in the coolest video game ever! Basically the OASIS is an online Massively Multiplayer game that borders on becoming its own reality. The universes of Tolkien, Star Wars, Star Trek and every video game, movie and book world has been painstakingly recreated in this game.


The OASIS’s creator Halliday upon his death released a puzzle that leads to the ultimate prize, his vast fortune and control of the OASIS. Leading to thousands of people, nicknaming themselves Gunters, to analyse Hallidays life and interests. Every movie he watched and every book he read is analysed for clues to the first of the keys, in the search for Hallidays Easter Egg. Chock full of eighties pop references it will make even those born in the late nineties understand whats going on.

Wade is undeniably poor. As displayed on the cover of the book he lives out the majority of his life in his aunts caravan in a place called the Stacks, multiple caravans and campers stacked (obviously) atop one another. The year is 2040 and the ice caps have melted, the economy has collapsed and the world has become lawless. The majority of humankind has retreated into the OASIS to avoid the reality of humanity’s situation, leading to the games in game currency to become the most stable in the world.

the stacks

In this car crash of a world Wade becomes the first person to uncover the first key that leads to Hallidays Egg. The story begins with Wade recounting how it happened, to say anymore would be to ruin it. The story is so good that a movie deal has been made and the film is in production at the moment., with Spielberg directing! If that doesn’t prove to you the promise this book has nothing will. Also its a standalone, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting caught up in a lengthy series of novels.

Please read it and let me know what you think and if you have read it also tell me. I need other people to tell me how great it is.