I apologise for the break, I’ve been working on some things that don’t need mentioning. Anyway! This is a post on books I never finished, the first:


George R R Martins a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a prequel to the events that take place in A Song of Ice and Fire, a hundred years in the past , roughly. The problem with setting a prequel a hundred years in the past is that pretty much everyone, by the time aSoIaF comes around is that they’re all dead. Making it a lot harder, for me personally, to care about the story.

Plus Martin, where his writing shines in his huge saga, this feels more like a practice run. The main character Dunk feels like a half righteous Jon Snow and a piss take of everyone’s favourite door stop.

To sum up, I didn’t enjoy what felt like a more family friendly version of the Seven kingdoms, with the first hundred and fifty pages only holding one gruesome death.

Among thieves

Among Thieves by Douglas Hulick isn’t a book I’ve given up on, even though I bought it three years ago and tried reading it a month later. It’s not that this book is bad, its actually really good. A dark and well written novel about thieves (really?) in a city full of them. Gang wars and magical street fights, all sounds great right? So why did I give it up?

Answer? Mark Lawrence and Brian McCellan.


Brian McCe;;an

Mark Lawrence came out with the Wheel of Osheim when I got a hundred pages into Among Thieves, which I instantly dropped, ran to Waterstones and practically dived at the bookshelf. Then several months later when I remembered about Among Thieves did I attempt it again. Then came Christmas and with it Brian McCellan (pictured above) with one of my honest to god favourite series of books the Powder Mage Trilogy. So after reading those I once again forgot about Among Thieves, till I stubbed my toe on it this morning and thought about this post.

Red Storm Rising

Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy, a non-fantasy book, weird. My dad being the skeptic person he is has never touched any fantasy, other that Lord of the Rings, or any sci-fi, over than Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. He always takes the mick out of me for reading fantasy.

This lead him to getting me to read Red Storm Rising, out of annoyance I read the first chapter then gave up. Several months later, when my dad was in Chicago I picked it up and attempted it again. Two hundred pages later he came home and I put it down. Waiting for him to disappear abroad again. I actually really enjoy it but will never let him see me enjoying it, purely out of spite.


I hope you enjoyed,