Like many times before I took an unexpected break form blogging, I doubt there were many crying from the lack of content I have posted out into the big ol’ internet. I don’t really have a reason this time, not an accident or college (somewhat), simply that sometimes I get distracted from the things I enjoy doing, I still haven’t watched the last episode of Mind Hunters yet either…

I think, that perhaps what I need is to be somewhat more open with the people who read this drivel. So, here goes nothing:

As you’ll know my name is Sam, I won’t elaborate anymore on my name, I don’t want MI5 to know exactly where I am. I’m eighteen, studying a BTEC Extended Diploma in Public Services (level 3, year 2 in case you were wondering), I live near Nottingham (don’t tell the feds) in the UK, I own two labradors who are the cutest pair of morons in the world, I listen to music, most of which was first sung decades before I was born, that most would kindly label as being crappy.

I intend now that I have come back to fulfill my promises to carry on, writing reviews and constantly trying to bully John Gwynne into sending me a copy of Dread early. Along with that, I intend not to take long breaks again but will work at my own pace, college must come first for the time being.