White. Like the sun on a hot day, blinding you for even looking at it for the briefest of moments. It left a searing pain in the base of my eye sockets, as if I’d drunk myself into oblivion the night before, to awake to find nature my greatest annoyance.
I blinked several times, waiting for my eyes to adjust. I rubbed my eyes, pinched the bridge of my nose and then put the heels of hands to my temples and rubbed, hoping the pain of whatever toxin was running rampant in my head would dissipate.
As my vision cleared I found myself in what, at first glance, looked like an unending plain of white, like purgatory stretching off into infinity. I raised myself into a sitting position, the only contrast to my white purgatory was the skin on my hands and bare feet. The whiteness had even infected my clothes, I wore a white shirt with white buttons and loose white trousers.
“Whaaa…” I croaked, feeling the roughness of my throat punish me for that minor infraction.
I looked in every direction, the blurriness in my eyes solidifying to show the rough corners and lines that made up my small white box, a doorway was hinted at by a grey, oval outline.
I stood.
Spinning in slow circles as I assessed my minimalistic surroundings. The only furniture to the whiteness was a rounded outcropping, upon it sat a tall glass of water and a pair of white pills.
I took a step to the outcropping and reached for the glass.
The sound came suddenly, from nowhere and everywhere. I looked to the top corners, no cameras observed me, if they did they would undoubtedly have been white.
I reached for the first of the two pills, when no sound came I picked it up and then reached for the glass again.
I winced, the sound was louder than before, only fractionally, but still it mixed badly with the toxin in my head. I reached for the second pill and put both in my mouth. Then reached for the water…
No sound came, and I picked it up, drinking the entire thing in three gulps. I put it down.