I, Sam am an avid fantasy reader and writer from the East Midlands, England, UK, Europe, Earth, the Milky Way, the Cosmos. I enjoy hiking, gaming, adorable dogs (preferably Labradors or German Shepherds) and writing about myself in the first person. With eighteen years under my belt I believe I have the greatest taste in music and books the world has ever seen,
‘They’ll see, they’ll all see how great my tastes are!’ (Insert maniacal laughing).
I also enjoys receiving free books, guiltily spending what little money I have on books and storing the corpses of long dead trees in a satisfying way across my bedroom. Like seriously I don’t know what colour my carpet is anymore…
So please enjoy my rambling, reviews and recommendations as I attempt to not be brutally murdered by my sisters, to not drop out of college and spend my life emptying bins or to not take over the world with the giant death ray under my bed.


I’m the one in the middle