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Review: Aurora

Do you ever read a book and marvel at how well its written, how well its researched and just how eloquently the story works? But then absolutely hate the characters? I so want to love Aurora, I really do... But... Continue Reading →


Review: Ready Player One

Ready Player One, holy god do I love this book! It's like this book was written for the sheer hell of making nerds like myself smile like idiots. Ready Player One is the story of Wade Watts, and yes he... Continue Reading →

I’m Back Baby!

After a fair time out from blogging I'm finally back. After an incident left me half deaf and with severe light sensitivity, forcing me to wear sunglasses at all times (it was a great look). I can finally look at... Continue Reading →

The Future

Due to reasons that I'm not too willing to share. Posts on here will be suspended for some time. Unlike the last time where college got in the way this time its for personal reasons. Those who know me well... Continue Reading →

The Wayward Wanderer’s Guide to Fantasyland

This is a new series I've been wanting to do for some time (since yesterday when I watched Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy again). So to begin with we'll start with the lowest rung of the ladder, the peasant. This... Continue Reading →

I am not an Expert!

I am by no stretch of the imagination an expert at blogging. That's all, welcome to April

Jaded by Blogging

The Tattooed Book Geek


I decided to take a break from both blogging and social media over this past weekend and yesterday, I doubt any of you even noticed but I wasn’t around with my usual humour and sarcasm. It took over a year of blogging but I had my first case of minor blogger burnout, guilt and feeling jaded and despondent. I found myself questioning why I was even bothering to blog.

I’m not entirely sure that it was all down to blogging as I wasn’t in the best place myself, the two poems that I posted on the Wednesday and Thursday (Empty Throne and Darkness Decides) attest to this and my unhappiness. Yes, for those unaware I’m not always a happy person and the dark poetry that I post isn’t simply ‘words’ but a cathartic measure to bleed emotion through the written word, it’s better out than festering within and…

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The Infinite Monkey Cage, My New Obsession

I've been told that I am the bane of all science teachers, for being too curious, I've also had this said about me in English and Philosophy. Anytime one of my physics teachers in secondary school set out to explain... Continue Reading →

An introduction to the writers of the Grimdark group part 5

Dark Mondays

Part 5 so soon? Yeah man feeling slightly better and there are so many authors to introduce! I remember this all started as an idea for a pinned post in the group on Facebook and it somehow turned into a blog, not to mention the group grows bigger every month. I’m planning at least another 6 posts about the authors and after that it’s on to my fellow bloggers/reviewers and of course the team behind Grimdark Magazine.

Brian Barr has written short stories, comic books and novels. His writing is pretty unique considering he doesn’t steer clear of LGBTQ characters instead he embraces them. His short stories have been featured in anthologies and his most recent work The Head inspired by a dream he head came out just last month

A woman finds a head in her mother’s garden.

Things get weirder when the head talks to her…

The Head


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