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Books I Never Finis…

I apologise for the break, I've been working on some things that don't need mentioning. Anyway! This is a post on books I never finished, the first: George R R Martins a Knight of the Seven Kingdoms is a prequel... Continue Reading →


Review: Faithless

Author: Graham Austin-King Pages: 396 Written whilst: drinking San Miguel and listening to Greetings from Asbury Park ( Have you ever been handed a book, with zero knowledge of whats inside, having never heard of the author or no idea... Continue Reading →

The Jedi Effect

To say I'm an experienced swordsman would be half true. I've learnt to fight with an ax in the viking style, ripping shields out of men's hands for others to exploit the gap. When you're sparring you're looking for a... Continue Reading →


This here is some more writing I've done. It was the first piece of writing I put up online to be critiqued by others, the first piece I was truly proud of. I wrote this nearly a year ago and... Continue Reading →

Espionage in a Time of Trouble

I've decided to share some of my own writing on here. I found the inspiration for this post whilst trawling the internet for resources for another blog post. Sprouting from the idea that not all fantasy should be set in... Continue Reading →

Why I Blog?

I was asked this question yesterday. It took me a few hours of thinking as to why it is that I feel the urge to share my thoughts to you people, out there across the interwebs. I think one of... Continue Reading →

Magic, Pick a Book, Any Book

Fantasy and magic are pretty much synonyms of one another. Whenever someone who hasn't touched a fantasy novel ever says, "Oh you're into fantasy are you? What with all the magic and fairies?" Usually said with a smirk. But Magic... Continue Reading →

Review: The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss is one of the modern classics, a true masterpiece in storytelling, prose and characterisation. Rothfuss has made a name for himself online as a D&D player and general nice guy. The blurb... Continue Reading →

Due to an increase in college work as the academic year rears its ugly head with all its might, posts here shall be either slightly delayed or non-existent for perhaps another week or two. Also in my free time, instead... Continue Reading →

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